Assessment time

I’m finding assessment time at university to be interesting – its like I’m standing back looking at myself work.  There are two main thoughts running through my mind – firstly, it feels like its distracting me from my real work and secondly I’ve discovered that a lot of my ideas and research are still in my head (mild panic is setting in!).  I understand that if I want the certificate at the end of this I have to be assessed so I just need to play the game.

What would a world without assessment be like?  Would we push ourselves if nobody else stood looking over our shoulders?  It would certainly change Education.  It would also change business and employment – imagine no more yearly appraisals!  It would also make it more difficult to categorise people and events.  Would this be a good thing?  We rely on labelling people far too much so perhaps it would be good to stop.  Who knows?  Maybe its time we found out!