Masters Show up and running!

After the stress of assessment and installation of this show, it is finally up and running. Beginning with a busy preview evening, it has continued over the weekend with visitors from all around the area and plenty of events and talks to listen to.

Installing the Masters Show

I have spent the last two weeks frantically trying to get everything ready for the masters show (which opens this Friday, 19th August at 6pm) and preparing for assessment.  Assessment is over, just the external assessor to meet tomorrow so I have  been able to concentrate on the work I am presenting in the end of year show.

Almost done, just a bit of individual tweaking and a few extra shared jobs (such as getting the drinks and snacks for the opening evening).

Back into University tomorrow with the deadline looming!

Perthshire Open Studios

I am starting to prepare for POS (3-11 September 2016).  I have a venue number (71) and am on the Blue Route.  Its quite exciting and daunting at the same time – I have never opened my studio up to public view before (yes, I know its really a shed!).  Lets hope the weather is better than in this picture because I want to have my current den/finger knitting project open for visitors to work on.

my shed

It’s live!!

Finally, after four very intense days of work Forgaither has gone live on Issuu.  You can read it here.

This is a digital publication co-produced by the 8 students on my course who are graduating this summer.  With a lot of help from Louisa Preston (of Stirling University and St Andrew’s University) we have managed to navigate the ups and downs of this kind of collaboration and I think we’ve done a pretty good job.

Try getting eight artists in one room to work on one project and differences of opinion are bound to happen.  However, that aside, it has been great fun and a brilliant learning experience.


Masters Show 2016

A den is about privacy, about safety and about giving yourself a breathing space, whether alone or with a group, in a building or in the landscape.

In a woodland den you can look out through undergrowth and branches into the outside world while still retaining that sense of alone-ness. You can give yourself time to withdraw and space to think, exercise your imagination or just dream.

In my den, you also help to create it.  Use your finger-knitting skills, or come and learn the art of finger knitting to help make a portable den using a simple frame with many layers of finger knitted fronds.den fronds

Join in the conversation and be part of a bigger, ongoing project, a project which is about creativity, encounters with people, with place and the traces left behind.

This den will be on show as part of the Masters Show at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, from 19th to 28th August.  Come and try some finger knitting!!

Craft vs Art

One of my current projects (den) relies on two things – firstly public involvement and secondly that art and craft can co-exist in relative peace.

In recent decades craft has suffered quite a severe decline and this has led many people to question exactly what craft is compared to art.  I believe they are two ends of a spectrum with lots of overlap in between.  Art has moved away from making in a way that craft has not.  Centuries ago St Francis of Assisi said:


I know lots of crafts people out there who put their whole heart into their work, and equally, many artists who do not make objects of any kind, so this definition is no longer completely relevant.

(This image is from

A dream is a montage

The exhibition I’m joint-curating is getting closer.  We have the selection of books, we have the theme, one of the team has designed the posters and we are just waiting for them to be printed so we can spend a lovely(!) day distributing them around the area.  This is the legwork you have to do in exchange for all the exciting bits.

dream is a montage poster

It’s a really interesting exercise, but there is that element of doubt because even though I have not created the artwork (in this case the books) I feel as though there is a part of me in this exhibition and that I am opening that part up to scrutiny by the general public.  Not the most comfortable of feelings.

A Week of Words

Before Christmas I decided to spend a week just writing whatever was in my head.  I set myself parameters, the two main ones being that it was done over seven consecutive days and the writing was done three times a day – I stopped whatever I was doing to whip out my notebook and scribble.

The finished product will not necessarily make sense to everyone because it is what I was thinking or doing at the time, but that doesn’t matter.  I was interested in the visuals of the words.  I have used this writing to create a sample artist book that will be developed further as time goes on.

Here is a small portion from that book:

week of words book 1Day 4

Still dark

Hungry, need breakfast

Unlock the shop

Finally daylight

Having lunch, now want to sleep



Its an interesting exercise and one I will return to at some time as this project develops.  I also wonder if it could be developed further.  As it stands it is a simple journal style of writing and was somewhat cathartic (I chose an up and down sort of week).

The Familiarity of Known Relationships

This project is developing fast.  I’ve jumped from the thinking stage to the planning stage in one quick leap. It could be quite frightening if I let myself worry too much about it simply from a point of view of keeping everything under control aFingerknitting for the Den projectnd not letting anything escape – I don’t want it to end up a bit like trying to get hold of my cat to take her to the vets – as fast as you get hold of one end, the other is wriggling free and scratching in the process.

People are coming forward wanting to be a part of the project, and that’s even without any sort of advertising.  Last semester when this idea first began to develop, I was worried that I would not get enough people creating ‘fronds’ for me to create a den of any size with but I am starting to think that won’t be a problem.

Maybe one of the main attractions is that no skills are needed?  The process of finger knitting is a comforting memory for many people, often associated with childhood and this is exactly what I want to tap into.  TS Elliot apparently talked about the ‘familiarity of known relationships’   I’m not absolutely sure where the quote actually came from but I think something like that is going on here.

The first finger knitting session will start soon.