Project Den


Fingerknitting for the Den project

A den is about privacy, about safety and about giving yourself a breathing space, whether alone or with a group, in a building or in the landscape.

In a woodland den you can look out through undergrowth and branches into the outside world while still retaining that sense of alone-ness. You can give yourself time to withdraw and space to think, exercise your imagination or just dream.

You also help to create this den.   Using finger-knitting skills  (or come and leme6arn the art) to help make a portable den using a simple frame with many layers of finger knitted fronds.

This work is an ongoing project which is intended to provoke and explore responses and emotions in both viewers and participants and develop a narrative of collaboration, conversation , participation and a shared love of making.  It has been developed as part of  my research at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and as with much of my other work, it explores the boundary between art and craft, is influenced by the materials used and exploits the meditative and relaxing qualities contained within textile arts.

Join in the conversation and be part of a bigger, ongoing project, a project which is about creativity, encounters with people, with place and the traces left behind.

There is more information and a video tutorial on the Project Den blog.

This den will be on show as part of the Masters Show at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, from 19th to 28th August.  Come and try some finger knitting!!


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