forgaither [fɔr’-] v.
To gather, assemble, meet together, pt. pp. forgaithert, forgaithered adj. Gathered, assembled.

Forgaither is a publication that has been co-produced by this year’s (2016) MFA Art, Society & Publics graduates of which I am one. It is a bringing together of our individual practices: it is a gathering of ideas, language and visual material.

Created over a set period of four days, we began the process of creating the publication by identifying the commonalities between our practices. This process began by simply pinning large sheets of paper to the walls and filling them with ideas, questions, answers and suggestions.

Conversation was constant throughout this bringing together of ideas. Through our discussions and writings, we discovered that memory; culture; people; place and conversation itself were some of the more prominent connectors. Visual material that allowed us to further recognise the underlying similarities between each practice was soon introduced into the process. By introducing images, a previously un-explored narrative began to form.

The result of this exploration of the pairing of images can be seen in the publication. Each pair has a link that is sometimes obvious or sometimes tenuous.  It is up to the reader to decide what these links might be or to discover new ones.

Forgaither is also available to read for free on

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