Thinking not making

So far on this course I have done a lot of thinking and not much making.  I have used a lot of mindmaps because there is so much possible information and so many possible routes to take for the research I want to do that some form of structure is necessary.  Besides which, I love mindmaps and their endless possibilities!

mindmap-stencil mindmap1

A mindmap and also a mindmap with the words cut out.

First Post


This is the first blog post to this site.  I am studying at the moment and I thought it would be an ideal time to start recording what I do via a blog.  I am studying at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art for a MFA in Art Society and Publics and so far am loving it, although there is a lot of work to get through.  By next August I have to be ready to exhibit a body of research and some artwork to support my study.  Hopefully, I will then be awarded an MFA and will be released onto an unsuspecting public. :).  More about my work in my next blog post.

So keep checking back to see how my studies are going and if you are also studying something similar I would love to hear from you.