Scottish Quilt Championships 2015 – part 2

There was just so many quilts that were full of artistic talent as well as technical skills that I thought I would just put up a couple more of my favourites.

sand eels

This is a close up of the Margaret Watt’s Sea Fruits, inspired by the diet of sand eels that puffins live on.  I love he colours and the sculptural quality of this quilt.

celtic elements

This one by Jennifer Welsby caught my eye because of its depth.  The horizon is a long way away and you need to look past the celtic knot to see it, which almost makes the knot irrelevant.  I found that it was the sea I was looking at – a bit like looking through a fence to see the view.

Overall there were far too many good quality, well executed and thought-out quilts for me to show photos of them all.   These two just illustrate the high standard of most of them.

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