Scottish Quilt Championships 2015

These are held every year in Edinburgh and I visit it whenever I can.  This year I managed to visit on the Saturday (26 September) with my camera and a list of goodies I want to buy if I got the chance.

However, I felt quite disappointed.  There was not the same buzz as usual and for a Saturday afternoon it was very quiet – in previous years I have avoided the Saturday because it was so busy it took the fun away.  This year was very different.  There was not the same range of sellers and many of the ones that were there were selling the same kind of fabrics, kits and gadgets.  Although I did manage to get hold of some of the things on my list, I didn’t spend as much as I thought I would.  There weren’t really any of those gadgets that catch us all out – the things that we didn’t know we needed until we see them on one of these stalls!

The quilts on the other hand were as wonderful as they always are.  Although there didn’t feel as if there were quite as many as usual what there was was of a very high standard.

This one by Hazel Ryder caught my eye – I suppose because of the name I have given this blog and because I am a cat owner.  It basically sums up a cat’s attitude to its own comfort.

She who must be obeyed

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